Power 2 Profit
Power 2 Profit

Offer Services Your Competition Can't

Ventrac offers you more Power to Profit by giving you the ability to add services to your business on the front of the tractor you trust. Adding more services to your business gives you the ability to generate more revenue, especially in the slower seasons of the year. In this book, we show you the top five attachments professional contractors add to their Ventrac fleet to give them the Power to Profit. Call your local dealer to demo or rent these attachments and add more profit to your business!

"We start out with one service and we can offer them five or six services with the same unit. We are always looking at what other services they are looking for and is there an attachment that we can put on our Ventrac."

Bert Hillyard | Topaz Property Services LTD.

Bert Hillyard

"With a Ventrac, you are adding more value to your customers, getting more of their wallet share and you are increasing your profitability."

Phil Harwood | CEO of ProMotion Consulting, Landscaping Consulting Firm

Phil Harwood

Top 5 Attachments to Expand & Grow Your Business Productivity

Bert Hillyard

Tough Cut

  • Clear heavy brush
  • Bid new opportunities
  • Higher profit jobs
  • Works quickly
  • Reduces manual labor costs
Bert Hillyard

Stump Grinder

  • Blast through stumps
  • Bid new opportunities
  • Add value for your customers
  • Minimal turf damage
  • Small attachment fits easily on truck
Bert Hillyard

Power Rake

  • Level tough areas
  • High profit jobs
  • Bid driveway restoration work
  • Easy finish grading
  • Easier to trailer & transport
Bert Hillyard


  • Higher profit jobs
  • Low competition work
  • Minimal turf damage
  • Quick site to site transport
  • Faster than mini-skid steers
Bert Hillyard


  • Aerates without pulling plugs
  • Higher profit jobs
  • Low competition work
  • Year-round capability
  • Aerate and over-seed in single pass

Power 2 Profit Attachments

Tough Cut Brush Mower hq682


Mower Type Rough
Width of Cut 68"
Cutting Height 3.5" - 7"
Weight 475 lbs


  • Rear Adjustment for Deck Pitch
  • Heavy-Duty Blades
  • Tilt-Up Deck
  • Ventrac Mount System
  • Front Caster Wheels
  • Optional Hydraulic Flip-Up Kit

Stump Grinder kc180


Tractor Compatibility 4500
Cutterhead Width 3.5"
Cutting Depth Below Ground 6"
Rotor rpm 900 rpm*
*Engine Speed 3200 rpm


  • Replaceable Carbide Hardened Teeth
  • Convex Mirror for Safety Viewing the Operation from the Tractor**
  • Gear Driven for Smooth Power Transfer

Power Rake kg540


Rotor Width 54"
Carbide Tips 72
Hydrualic Angle 18° Left/Right"
Weight 655 lbs


  • Hydraulic Rotor Height Adjustment
  • Replaceable Carbide Tips (without removing the rotor)
  • Forward & Reverse Rotation from the Operator Seat
  • Hydraulic Driven Rotor and Power Angle Control
  • Adjustable End Plates for Material Routing

Trencher ky400


Trenching Width 5.5"
Trenching Depth 40"
Cutting Teeth 43
Depth Indicator Standard
Weight 480 lbs


  • Carbide Cutting Tips for Digging in Variety of Soil Conditions
  • Depth Indicator for Accurate Depth of Cut
  • Dual Push-N-Pull Cylinders for Greater Boom Control
  • Adjustable Crumb Scraper
  • 40-Inch Cutting Depth with 5.5-Inch Width

Aera-vator ea600


Working Width 60"
Aeration Density 8 holes/ft2
Vibrating Depth 2.75"
Weight 420 lbs


  • Fractures Soil Without Plugs
  • Heavy-Duty Vibrating Tines
  • Optional Over-Seeder Available
  • Creates 8 holes/square-foot
  • Weight Mounting Bar

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