Steep Slopes
Steep Slopes
Steep Slopes

Dominate Steep Slopes

While slopes and hillsides add aesthetics and dimension to the landscape, those same hills and slopes can be very dangerous to mow without the right type of slope mowing equipment. Ventrac tractors offer a unique combination of benefits that no other piece of equipment can offer. Discover how Ventrac is a safer solution to your slope mowing needs for slopes up to 30 degrees (58% grade).

Recommended Attachments for Steep Slopes

msmu Series


Mower Type Side Discharge
Alignment OFFSET
Width of Cut 72"
Cutting Height 1" - 5"
Weight 550 lbs
Mower Type Side Discharge
Width of Cut 60"
Cutting Height 1" - 5"
Weight 490 lbs
Mower Type Rear Discharge
Width of Cut 72"
Cutting Height 1" - 5"
Weight 540 lbs


  • Easy Flip-Up Deck
  • Large Discharge Chute
  • Easy Lever Height Adjustment
  • Full-Floating Deck
  • Rear Striping Roller Standard
  • Optional Mulching Kit

Tough Cut Brush Mower hq682


Mower Type Rough
Width of Cut 68"
Cutting Height 3.5" - 7"
Weight 475 lbs


  • Rear Adjustment for Deck Pitch
  • Heavy-Duty Blades
  • Tilt-Up Deck
  • Ventrac Mount System
  • Front Caster Wheels
  • Optional Hydraulic Flip-Up Kit

Contour Mower mj840


Width of Cut 83"
Cutting Height .75" - 3.5"
Side Decks up/Down Range of Motion +/-40°
Weight 584 lbs


  • Multi-Directional Contour
  • Rear Discharge
  • Full Rear Roller for Even Cutting & Striping
  • Front Rollers for Anti-Scalping
  • Belt Drive with Gearbox for Mechanical Efficiency & Reliability
  • Flip-Up Deck Design
  • Mulching Kit Available

Triplex Reel Mower mr770


Width of Cut 77"
Cutting Height .375" - 2.5"
Weight 775 lbs


  • Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA), bedknife to reel
  • EdgeSeriesTM DPA radial reels
  • Manually controlled, variable reel speed for clip frequency & backlapping
  • Superior reel helix profile provides crisper and clean cut
  • Full roller standard on rear of cutting unit and plastic front Wiehle roller
  • Advanced blade & bedknife materials for reduced wear and longer edge retention
  • Identical reel heads are simple and easy to change

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